Tenth Anniversary Festival Season

Blink Gallery would like to announce its tenth anniversary festival season!

Come celebrate with us at our season launch party on June 11th from 6-9m, featuring a salon style show with the work of Blink and guest artists past and present, a special performance by Hélène Lefebvre created especially for the event, and rhythms and grooves by DJ Mr. Caffery.

Or…. come out on June 13th from 12-3pm for our Blink Pic-Nic. Wear your whites; bring a lunch and share ours. See Karina Bergmans’ debut performance of “Lymph Nymph”. Take along the kids or at least your inner child; there will be plenty of watermelon to go round and collaborative chalk drawing.

Visit us over the course of the summer for performances and other events by guest artists as well as on site residencies by Blink Artists. Come see our work as it progresses or take part! For a schedule of events see the evite below. More details will follow soon.

Show Card 2015a

Show Card 2015 v03extended_Page_4

Show Card 2015panel3

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BLINKING AHEAD: Ten Years of Blink moves closer

Blink is currently scheduling our upcoming season, which is an anniversary celebration of Ten Years of the Blink Collective, events and artists. A project grant awarded last week from the Ontario Arts Council moves us closer to a Series of Fortunate Events.  Thank you to the OAC for your support!

iluliaq and Blink

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New Member Artist: Michael Ashley’s Four Dimensions


“Ambiguity thrills me as I explore the dominance of the visual and the seductiveness of representation.

My interest in a holistic approach and in avoiding being typecast has led me to intermedia. This itself is a practice that occupies an ambiguous conceptual space within the art world and art history. My experience with intermedia has been more in the area of customized computer software, especially the use of the development environments called Pure Data and Processing.

However, I am more and more intrigued by what’s become known as physical computing, which integrates motors and sensors with the software. I look forward to expanding my capabilities into this realm of hardware”.


“The two works in my portfolio that most completely encompass these holistic concerns and interests are Souvenir 2 – Arboretum Memorials  and Dualities . Both are installations, and thus engage the usual three dimensions of the physical world, but they also have duration, thereby engaging the fourth dimension of time. Both also engage sight and hearing while their physical dimensions bring a haptic element to the experience.”

More on Michael Ashley here.


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Lisa Creskey: new member artist at Blink Gallery

Rookery  at Espace Pierre Debain_2014

Welcome Lisa Creskey

Lisa Creskey is an artist from Chelsea, Quebec exploring the sculptural painting and installation potential of the ceramic medium.

Her primary drive as a visual artist has been that of story telling from a personal point of departure or connection. Through her work, Lisa attempts to question and destabilize her own understanding of personal and collective identity. She is drawn to historical documents and artifacts as a place to initiate visual exploration.

Lisa was selected for Craft Ontario ’13 – The Ontario Crafts Council Biennial Juried Member’s Exhibition in Toronto. In early 2014, she received a prize at the Concordia Continental Ceramics Competition 5 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was also a finalist and exhibitor for the 4th Biennial Concordia Continental Ceramics Competition in 2012. Her work was exhibited at the Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum in Southern Taiwan where she was a finalist in the 2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, and the work is now part of the permanent collection of the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum.

Lisa Creskey_Aylmer Yacht Club_2014

Lisa is represented by LA Pai Gallery in Ottawa.


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martin golland Lunda Hall

Artist Deborah Margo curates something, leading to something else….

Curator’s Statement and information about the artists:

Something Leads to Something Else considers how artists conceptualize their research, of how their work comes to be.  It is not a definitive account, but rather allowing room for different approaches, across different media, including collage, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics, poetry and video.


Martin Golland‘s paintings describe a fictional meeting point between built environments and the natural world, resulting in imaginary architectural spaces.  At Blink, his multi-media collages have been gleaned from a large archive of material he uses to establish the subjects and multifaceted spaces eventually found in his paintings.

Lynda Hall is also concerned with culture and nature, shown in photographs that are unflinching and unsentimental.  There is a shifting interplay in the relationships she establishes between multiple images of animals, shown in two and three-dimensional situations.  What she evokes fluctuates, not unlike the roll of a dice.

Lise Rochefort is a freelance writer, poet, parent and researcher, as well as an Associate Poetry Editor for Arc Poetry Magazine.   She has created a new, experimental work for the exhibition combining poetry and video.

Hilde Schreier’s work encompasses a variety of media. Her paintings and drawings are concerned with the human condition, whereas her weavings are richly coloured, textured embodiments of imagined landscapes.  Here, a meticulous multi-media drawing undertakes to describe a complex system destined to be a large weaving.

Finally, on loan from an Ottawa clay studio, are a series of ceramic glaze samples, promising endless colour combinations and interplays.

Exhibition dates:

First week: Friday, September 26 through Sunday, September 28 from 12 to 5 pm

Second week: Friday, October 3 through Sunday, October 5 from 12 to 5 pm.

Please join us for the exhibition reception on Thursday, October 2 from 6-9 pm at Blink

For more information or inquiries, please contact the exhibition curator, Deborah Margo at  deborah.margo@sympatico.ca or 613-791-8345

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ECHO: Tami Galili Ellis and Erin Robertson, Sept. 19-21, vernissage Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche

Artists’ Statement:

echo noun \ˈe-(ˌ)kō  Something that is similar to something that happened or existed before (such as a feature or quality) that repeats or resembles something else.  merriamwebster  

Echo  drawing/installation at Blink

Tami Galili Ellis and Erin Robertson bounce the elements of form, line space and colour off the walls of Blink Gallery in their collaborative exhibit Echo.

Blink Member Tami Galili Ellis explores memory and conflict through repetition and order. Her sequential drawings are part of a personal journal that hold glimpses into her inner dialogue. Galili Ellis is interested in drawing for its raw and organic, fluid and unforeseen qualities. Line to her is a language whose thick, thin, brutal and broken aspects are part of its vocabulary. Galili Ellis uses it to create tension and to blur the relation between the imaginary and real, to fade the past into the present.

Erin Robertson’s interest in the nature of materials and the artists relationship to alchemy is reflected in her mixed media installation. Robertson adapts language from historical painting to a contemporary lens in an interplay of design elements and imagery exploring painting in three dimension.


Come share the echoes.

Vernissage Saturday Sept. 20 evening, in conjunction with Nuit Blanche festivities. Normal gallery hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-5PM

echo (n.) Look up echo at Dictionary.commid-14c., “sound repeated by reflection,” from Latin echo, from Greek echo, personified in classical mythology as a mountain nymph who pined away for love of Narcissus until nothing was left of her but her voice, from or related to ekhe “sound,” ekhein “to resound,” from PIE *wagh-io-, extended form of root *(s)wagh- “to resound” (cognates: Sanskrit vagnuh “sound,” Latin vagire “to cry,” Old English swogan “to resound”). Related: Echoes. Echo chamber attested from 1937.echo (v.) Look up echo at Dictionary.com1550s (intrans.), c.1600 (trans.), from echo (n.). Related: Echoed; echoing. (etymology online )

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Barbara Staulus: Between Here and Then

Barbara Staulus_still from Mystery Train_2014_video

Between Here and Then is an exhibition that explores the relationship between the railway and imaging technology. Incorporating photography, video and sculpture, the exhibition presents visions of real and imagined train travel, focusing on the mystery and allure of moving through time and space.
Barbara Staulus is an artist who grew up in Ottawa and now lives in Toronto. She completed a BFA in Studio Art at Concordia University and holds an MA in Art History from York University. Her work has been exhibited at the Gallery 44 Member’s Gallery, as part of the Contact Photography Festival 2008 and 2012, and screened at the Toronto Urban Film Festival.
Vernissage Thursday Sept. 11, 6-9 PM
Gallery hours:  Friday Saturday Sunday 12-5
Come and meet the artist!  Blink is one of the few places you can speak with the artist on site…
Barbara Staulus_Tilted Cab_2014_C-print


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Karina Kraenzle: ENCHANTED

New work, new strategies…

DSCF3253 copy


September 5 – 7

12 – 5 pm


Thursday, Sept. 4, 


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JORDAN SEAL: Visions Beyond Heaven

Artists’s statement:  Visions Beyond Heaven is a reunion of artistic forms. Visual, music, dance, poetry together.  To find what is crouched down in the deepest hollow. That which is extraneous to life’s most sacred outer reaches. A realm where luminous clay surges and crashes. Where thought is matter.Jordan Seal, Ozilate Lall, Acryllic paint- india ink - paper


Ottawa is where Jordan breathes. Jordan is very idealistic and has written two manifestos. He often collaborates with the band Shahman in the music scene. He works with the Robert Kananaj Gallery in Toronto to extend his ideals within a gallery space. He enjoys foraging and ruminating on God.    e-inviteAugust 29-31    Opening/Vernissage Aug 28, 6-9 PM

Jordan Seal,Yulhm Orgla, india ink - acyllic paint- paper





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Performing Ghosts

This spot is reserved for review of thesis presentation, exhibit and video link.

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