It’s that time again- time for artists/poets/performance artists to consider bringing it to BLINK.

Here’s the official call as outlined in the artengine listing:

Blink is a non-profit, Ottawa-based artist collective that supports professional contemporary artists with an interest in exploration. Emphasis is placed on using the gallery space – both interior and exterior – as a laboratory for creative approaches and interventions. Workshops, talks and other forms of public outreach held in conjunction with your exhibit are encouraged.

Please take some time to become familiar with the advantages and limitations of the space before making your proposal. Blink Gallery is best suited for smaller exhibitions, installations, performances, or shows with an outdoor component. Download Blink Gallery floor plan here.

This year Blink will host a Social Science and Humanities Research Council funded project with new member and PhD student Geneviève Cloutier. Along with new member Adam Brown, the collective will facilitate a two week Free School session based on a plethora of alternative school models. The pedagogical activities at Summer Hill Academy will serve as a particularly significant inspiration as we engage with art as social practice. Summerhill is a democratic, self-governing school in which the educators/facilitators and students are equal. The school’s philosophy is to allow freedom for the individual – each student is able to take their own path in life; each student can follow their own interests. At free school the student crafts his or her own curriculum. At the same time, respecting and attending to the larger group is of great importance.

To learn more visit

Artists are encouraged to include a short workshop as part of their proposal, for which they will be compensated, but this is not a requirement. This is an open call. In keeping with the theme, however, we urge applicants to make proposals which take into account some of these principles, particularly interactivity with the public.

Artists working in all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Submissions of curated and group exhibitions are also welcomed. Artists from outside the Ottawa area are welcome to submit; however Blink does not cover transportation, accommodation or other exhibition-related costs.

You may request a one or two week exhibition but we cannot guarantee two week shows (dependant on number of successful applicants). Likewise we will do our best to schedule your exhibition during a preferred time slot but we cannot make any guarantees.

All submissions are juried by Blink. Successful candidates are invited to exhibit at no charge, but are expected to arrange their own openings and gallery-sit for the duration of their exhibition. Each exhibit opens with a Thursday evening vernissage and runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Blink will provide a show card listing the exhibition schedule for the season.


– non-refundable $25 application fee (Cheques only and must be postmarked on the deadline date  – please make it out to: Blink Gallery.and mail to:

BLINK Gallery
PO Box 57006
163 Bell St.
Ottawa ON   K1R6P0



– 10 images JPEG files max.   72 ppi    768 x 1024 pixels  (Group submissions: include 10  images total of work by all artists involved in proposed exhibit)
– image list
– project/exhibition proposal statement (max. 500 words)
– artist statement (max. 500 words) (Group submissions: include brief statement for all artists in proposed exhibit)
– CV/bio (Group submissions: include CV/bio for all artists in proposed exhibit)
– contact information: email & mailing addresses (Group submissions: include information for ONE primary contact    person)

N.B.  please specify if you prefer a one or two week exhibit

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LITTER/LITTORAL photogenic wash


Stumbling around the edge of the river below BLINK, I twisted an ankle and was forced to rely on our photographer friend, Tom Evans, to provide documentation. With his camera, Tom painted stunning images out of my meagre brushstrokes marking garbage. Please come and join us this weekend for our final residency open house, and observe the ever shifting river wash.

-artist member Barbara Cuerden

Definition of LITTORAL: The intertidal zone of a beach is part of the littoral zone. The littoral zone is the part of the sea, lake or river that is close to the shore. In coastal environments the littoral zone extends from the high water mark, which is rarely inundated, to shoreline areas that are permanently submerged


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EXPLORING SPACE: Karina Kraenzle – BLINK Artist Residency



Artist Statement:

Though originally expecting to be exploring the space in and around Header House for my first Blink Artist Residency, I’ve chosen instead to explore a different kind of space – the pictorial kind – through the art of collage, something I’ve always wanted to pursue in more depth. The Blink Residency is providing permission to play, and Header House is providing a fresh perspective (and lovely light) for exploring the space between object and image – and the space inside my head. This is the beginning of something new – so, not a lot of words for now – plenty of time for that later.

Karina Kraenzle, BLINK member-artist

DSC_0732 copyb



The last Blink Artist Residency of the season is shared between Karina Kraenzle and Barbara Cuerden, with participant photographer Tom Evans, and is open to the public for comments and conversation Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 5 pm.

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Nuit Blanche at Blink: The Untold Story

Header House copy2


Nuit Blanche 2015 at Blink Gallery: Saturday, September 19th from 6pm to 1am

At least once a day someone walks into Blink Gallery and asks, “What did this building use to be?” We’ve heard a few different stories about Header House – It housed ammunition for the cannons positioned on our back patio, it was inhabited by the grounds keeper of Major’s Hill Park and his family or, on a more banal note, it was a storage space for rakes, mowers and hedge clippers.

This Nuit Blanche, the Blink collective would like to trawl the muddy waters of myth, rumour, history and hype. Using resources from the BYTOWN Museum, a desire to recover neglected aspects of local history, and the urge to just plain have fun, we would like resurrect Header House as a historical site. Visitors will be challenged to glean where history leaves off and storytelling begins.

Visitors will be invited to peruse recently unearthed artifacts such drawings and correspondences by prominent historical figures, military memorabilia, spirit photography, unusual tools, and installations of period scenes. They will have the opportunity to read stories of past prime ministers, suffragettes, draft dodgers and eccentric artists. Passers-by will be greeted by animators who will answer questions and give guided tours. History buffs will be welcome to contribute to our historical accounts.

Contemporary historians and social activists often remark that history is shaped by those who record it. “Whose history is it?” they ask. For the night of Nuit Blanche 2015, history will belong to the artists of Blink. While this event will be an occasion to toy with hype, credulity and the persistence of urban legend, we will also take it as an opportunity to recover voices not often heard (with or without available historical accounts). Art, politics and the reclamation of working class stories will feed the reimagining of our small historical site.

Visit us at Header House this Nuit Blanche and discover an untold history.

(Above: Spirit Photograph, recovered by Karina Kraenzle)

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Barbara Cuerden Residency: Littoral Sept.14-27

tagged red wash

In 2014, i worked with the river ‘wash’ during my shared residency at Blink Gallery with Cynthia O’Brien. It ended with a ‘white wash” installation of collected garbage that I cast in plaster and cleaned up, as I cleaned up the river bank.  This year when I went down to the river, the garbage seemed even sadder and I thought maybe if I tag it red, it will be “seen”.

It looks rather murderous compared to last years whitewash.  I’ll clean it all up at the end.

white 'wash'

The river location of Blink is really amazing. Together with Karina Kraenzle, my ‘residency mate’, we had the great good fortune to sail for a day with Adam Brown to Aylmer Island in the Ottawa River- a very new perspective, and I felt as happy as a child and so very far from Ottawa (but only 20 minutes drive, and an hour out on the water). Adam collected river garbage for me while conducting other  sailing residencies with artists during the summer. I am including excerpts of garbage into a river ‘log’ book that is beginning to form on site.

river bookplate

I want to thank Adam here for providing energy and a wondrous time on the river as a beautiful foil to my anxieties about garbage and pollution. I’d like to confer rights on the river to run its course naturally, without human interference in its ‘life’ as did the residents of Shapleigh Maine, when Nestle sought to deplete its aquifers.

view of Ottawa from Aylmer Island with Adam Brown

sailing residency with Adam Brown

p.s. I love the words littoral, wash, and  shingle …

Please come and visit Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12-5PM

—  blog post by Barbara Cuerden member-artist

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Fruits of Our Labour: Residency Celebration!

Lisa Creskey and Ellie Macintyre welcome you to their Residency Celebration Sunday September 13 from 1 to 4 PM

In a residency that has spanned the Labour Day weekend, ceramic artist Lisa Creskey and guest artist Ellie Macintyre have been paying tribute to the work and the contributions that artists make. By working in each others presence at Blink Gallery, they have been able to enjoy feedback and interaction with the public as well as share the work with which they are most passionate.

Ellie Macintyre at Blink Sept 2015 BTL at Blink Sept 2015 Small

Left: Ellie Macintyre, My Movies, marker on paper, double sided

Right: Lisa Creskey, By the Locks, porcelain and earthenware

Over the course of the residency Lisa has been working in clay to develop various ongoing projects and series. Blink’s location has been a great inspiration to her ongoing sculptural piece By the Locks. She has also benefitted from engaging with visitors while exploring new directions in her series, and continues to be inspired by Ellie’s incredible work ethic, focus, and unique perception. Ellie has been working in marker on her movie poster series and felt projects. She is also exhibiting her prints and drawings.

Ellie Macintyre participates in the Dragonfly Program for Learners with Down Syndrome at the School of Dance. Through the Dragonfly Program, and the support of her mom, she has developed art in a variety of mediums, including pencil, marker, paint, and textiles. Although Ellie’s favourite colour is black, her artwork is bright and vibrant. Ellie has lived with many challenges in her life including Autism and Leukemia, and yet what is most noticeable in her art is a sense of playfulness and joy. She has taught those who know her that communication is not limited to our voices. Ellie will have cards available for a small donation to the Dragonfly Program for art supplies.

Lisa and Ellie will also use the garage space of Blink to pay homage to the local farmers and vendors by drying seasonal fruit from the Market.

The artists will be at work each afternoon at Blink on Friday Sept 11, Saturday Sept 12, and Sunday Sept 13.

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Update: Fruits of Our Labour: Lisa Creskey and Ellie Macintyre

By the Locks detail
During her residency at Blink, spanning the Labour Day weekend (August 31 – September 13), Lisa will be working alongside young local artist Ellie Macintyre. In the spirit of Labour Day, they are paying tribute to the work that artists do, simply by working in each other’s presence.
Inspired by Blink’s location, Lisa will spend the time to develop her ongoing ceramic piece By the Locks. Ellie will be working on her felt projects, as well as exhibiting her prints and drawings.
To celebrate the changing season and Blink Gallery’s proximity to the Byward Market, Lisa and Ellie will use the garage space of Blink to pay homage to the local farmers and vendors by drying seasonal fruit from the Market.
Come and join them on Sunday September 13 from 12-5 pm, the last day of the residency, to share the fruits of their labour!
Lisa and Ellie will be at work at Blink: 12-5pm, Friday the 4th through Sunday the 6th, and Friday the 11th through Sunday the 13th.
Ellie Bio
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Lisa Creskey


Lisa will be at work at Blink: 

12-5pm, Friday the 4th through Sunday the 6th, and Friday the 11th through Sunday the 13th.

Come join her on the last day of the residency from 12-5 pm, Sunday September 13, to share the fruits of her labour!

Stay tuned to find out more soon…

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Heart Break by Cynthia O’Brien


Sometimes I’m moved to write, so here’s what prompted me

“Heartbreak as evolution of the heart. That’s what I thought after taking in Cynthia’s white clay ‘Heartbreak’ seen here at her studio residency at Blink Gallery (don’t miss it this and next weekend). She worked through some heart ache at her residency in Vallauris, France where this piece was begun. Vallauris is the town where Picasso married his last wife, Jacqueline Roque, when she was 26. She killed herself there at 59. Vallauris is known for it’s potters, and Picasso created numerous sculptures and paintings there. The potters he worked with are uncredited. So, yeah, lots of heartache, bled out white. This is a moving piece”

Blog by Barbara Cuerden

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O’Brien’s Treasures


I stopped by Cynthia’s make shift studio in Major’s Hill Park yesterday. She is currently working on hard on some dark stars built from curved slabs of grey clay. The result are stunning sculptures with sharp arcs and machine age glamour.
There was also a wide selection of pieces from different eras in Cynthia’s work as well some objects serving as inspiration ranging from art postcards, to quotes posted on the wall, to Royal Dalton Figurines.

Don’t miss the blow out sale this Sunday the 30th, from 12 to 5! Whether it’s a beautiful seed pod, a dangling blossom, a many armed vase, or large mouthed amphibian. There’s sure to be something you like…


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