Black Velvet Noire

The Blink Season opener blasted off with a blinkbuster last night. As a member artist, I’d had no time to ingest any of the artwork that my co-members had been producing around the Black Velvet theme. So, today during my stint of gallery-sitting I’ve come to see something noire-ishly Victorian about the assemblage of artwork, particularly as presented on the new red wall. – Like what you might hesitate to uncover and blow the dust off in some imaginary attic, is now currently displayed in the gallery garage. I’m calling it heirloom imagery. And as I sit longer  with it, I am tantalized by possible family resemblances. The theme is dark-ish, and the work collects in shadowy places. The longer I sit with it, the more I can see into the shadows.

see more photos in the previous post

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