On the CUSP- of new work

CUSP at Blink

Fine Arts Diploma Graduates
Ottawa School of Art

Thursday, July 14, 6-8 pm

Friday, July 15, 1–6 pm
Saturday, July 16, 12–5 pm
Sunday, July 17, 12-5 pm

CUSP: a point, a threshold or turning point

View the latest talent to come out of the Ottawa School of Art. “Cusp” features ten up-
and-coming artists, each of whom has reached one threshold of life. What comes next is
only theirs to discover. This exhibit is your first opportunity to catch a glimpse of what is
to come.

“Cusp” at BLINK coincides with “Cusp” at the Ottawa School of Art, which runs until
July 27th. Featuring a variety of media, including painting, woodcut prints, photographic
processes, textiles and mixed media works, both exhibits show diversity and confidence
in the craft of art. View the distinct and varied aesthetics of:

Danielle Allard
Nicholas Edwards
Mary Gourlay
Claudia Gutierrez
Rosemary Lindal
Judith Linthorst
Angela Ramirez
Nicole Ritzer
Jordan Seal
Jenny Smith-Windsor

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