Home(s) Show Uta Riccius

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Temporary artificial habitats woven from insulation foam take over as gigantic
mutations in Major’s Hill Park.

The project, “The Home Show”, reconnects with
the landscape to show what if and how evolutionary processes could unfold if parks were eradicated and all forms of natural environs were replaced with more urban,
man made fabrications, showcasing how species would have to adjust to the
surrounding changes.

Visual artist UTA RICCIUS maps new locations of her art objects as they
resurface in unconventional non-art settings.

Be part of it:

BLINK Gallery presents

Uta Riccius
“The Home Show”

Thursday July 21, 6-9 pm

Friday, July 22, 1-6 pm
Saturday, July 23, 12–5 pm
Sunday, July 24, 12–5 pm

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