Meaghan Haughian’s Moving Day

Be moved by Haughian’s work.

moving day 2

Meaghan Haughian asks: What is home?

Home: a building intended as a dwelling; a place or environment one holds dear because of personal relationships or feelings of comfort and security.

Is home the building where I have slept for the past six years? Is it the drip of my kitchen sink and the laughter from my neighbours’ front porch? Is it my well-loved couch, my dusty plants, the books that fill my shelves?

Moving day is an exploration of home – the structure, the contents, the keeper of one’s self. For four days, mixed media drawings, objects and furniture move into Header House, reconstructing personal spaces and histories in the form of non-linear narratives. In this latest project, I am most captivated by one thought: if I remove my cherished belongings from my home, will I feel homesick?

Meaghan Haughian earned a BFA from Mount Allison University, NB in 2004, where she focused on printmaking and photography. Her work has been exhibited in Ottawa, Halifax, St. John’s, Toronto, Moncton and Sackville, NB. Meaghan has been, and continues to be, involved with artist and community-based collectives such as BLINK, CATwalk – Centretown Art Tour, The New Art Festival, Chinatown Remixed and the Red Salon Artists. She has received grants from the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Arts Council. Her work is included in numerous private collections and the following public collections: the Ottawa Art Gallery, the City of Ottawa and the National Art Centre’s French Theatre.

House-warming party    

moving day

Thursday, September 1st, 6–9 pm

Exhibit continues
Friday, September 2, 1–6pm
Saturday, September 3, 12–5 pm
Sunday, September 4, 12–5 pm


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