Essence of three: Jean Jewer, Francine Lemiuex, Maureen Sandrock

3 Diverse Artists, 3 Different Topics, 3 Unique Styles

Jean Jewer is a painter/printmaker originally from Newfoundland. She received her BFA from the University of Manitoba. Jean is presenting a series of monoprints. “I like the natural occurrences of printmaking where subconsciously images emerge and new ideas flow. This art form unfolds like a script of drawings from my memory… expressing a particular state of mind about the environment I grew up in. I feel that this performance parallels the essence of nature’s processes.”

Francine Lemieux is a sculptor from Montreal. She received her BFA from l’Université du Québec à Montréal. “Porcelain and stoneware as malleable materials offer me a large flexibility during the act of shaping a sculpture. Even if beforehand I make a series of sketches, for me, a sculpture really comes to life when I touch the clay. Often when I begin to work, the essence of a persona doesn’t necessarily come me at firsthand. But while the clay is humid, it is possible to change a sulky lip into a smile or an anxious eye into a serene look! These transformations enable me to pinpoint the idiosyncrasies contained in each of the characters as they reveal themselves to me while I am modeling the clay.”

Maureen Sandrock obtained her science education from the University of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. After 25 years of acute nursing, she graduated from the Ottawa School of Art in 1997. Since graduating she has exhibited at 101, SAW Gallery, OSA, EBA, Santiago Chile, Mexico City, Florida, Carleton University, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. She received a Canada Council Grant for the purpose of transferring scientific information about DNA, genetic manipulation, and cloning into visual data. THE ESSENCE OF LIFE IS A HEART BEAT.


Thursday, September 22, 6–9 pm

Exhibit continues

Friday, September 23, 1–6pm

Saturday, September 24, 12–5 pm

Sunday, September 25, 12–5 pm



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