Things Happen: Petra Halkes turns things around

Turning the gallery into a one-room schoolhouse, Petra Halkes turns things around so more Things can happen:

Things Happen  @   Blink
Opening: Thursday, Oct. 6, 7 – 9 pm (Story telling at 8 pm)
RIA Reads Out Loud: Friday, Oct. 7, 12 to 1.30 pm  
Slide Lecture by Petra Halkes: Saturday, Oct. 8, 2 – 3.30 pm
Please note that the gallery will be open ONLY for the events listed.
       When I was asked to create this show, it was early spring and I was trying to
organize reading groups on topics in contemporary art. Every-day things and
their relationship to art, would be a great research topic, I thought. And it could,
perhaps, spark some ideas for the Blink exhibition. So, with a RIA (Research in Art)
Reading group, I read texts on the object in art, from Michael Fried’s 1967 “Art
and Objecthood” to the not-yet-published chapters of Joshua Simon’s book on
Neomaterialism, found on
       Ideas did spark, but my fascination with the readings gained the upper hand. I
decided to forego creative treatment of the objects altogether, and use the site
and the time at Blink to provoke and discuss some thoughts on the life of objects
and their relationship to art. I filled the gallery with chairs and turned it into a
little one-room schoolhouse for three planned events. The artists’ objects are
arranged on a table in the garage of Blink’s gallery. I have not imposed any
transformative ideas on them. They are simply objects, illustrating the topic of
conversation: Objects in Art

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                                                                                                             -Petra Halkes
The Blink Gallery will be open one evening for storytelling, a lunchtime hour for
some reading aloud, and a Saturday afternoon for a lecture on the object in art
(see details below). The events are free and open to the public. Seats are limited.

October 6
7 -9 PM
8 pm:
Story Time
Things Happen, Vernissage and Story time.
Things as burdens or blessings:
At 8pm, it is story time. Several artists will talk about what the objects they brought
in mean to them. Then Petra Halkes will tell the stories of Lucky Hans, a Grimm’s
folktale about a man who down-traded his wealth to become carefree and happy,
and a real-life story gone viral, about Lucky Kyle, who up-traded a red paperclip for
a house in 2006.
October 7
12.30 pm
Ria Reads Out Loud.
Everyone welcome. No pre-reading required. Participants will bring a print-out
of two texts by Joshua Simon: “Neo-Materialism, Part One: The Commodity and the
and “Neo-Materialism, Part Two: The Unreadymade”, which can be
found at e-flux journal # 20 and #23, at . We will take turns
to read out loud and discuss parts of this text.2 Simon’s provocative pronouncement
that all objects are commodities will surely spark some debate.
October 8
2 – 3.30
“Happily Ever After: The long afterlife of
Duchamp’s urinal”.
Slide Lecture by Petra Halkes. Everyone welcome. Halkes will relate
contemporary art practices such as assemblage art, accumulation art, and
hyper realist installations, to the history of the object in art since Duchamp,
as well as to the changed production and trading of objects in a globalized
consumer world. This will be an informal lecture and far from
comprehensive. “Art speak” will be avoided or explained and many images
will be shown. Halkes will quote from texts by Michael Fried, Paul Chan, Sven
Lütticken and Joshua Simon, among others, which were read in the RIA
Object reading group.
2 The Reading Out Loud event was inspired by Toronto’s No Reading After the Internet

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