A Hair Raising Finale to the Blink Season: Erin Robertson & Danny Hussey’s Beard

What’s hiding in your beard?

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BLINK’s 2011 closing reception ends on a hairy note

Ottawa – BLINK Gallery wraps up its 2011 exhibition season this weekend with Danny Hussey’s Luxurious Beard, featuring Erin Robertson’s drawings of none other than Danny Hussey, his ever-evolving beard and the stuff that’s entangled in it. Those who frequent Patrick Gordon Framing or Enriched Bread Artist studios have already witnessed the evolution of Danny’s facial fuzz firsthand. Those who aren’t so privileged can still observe this man’s patient 49-week pursuit at nobly expressing his manhood.

The beard has long been associated with power, wisdom, manliness and magic. Gods, prophets, kings and nobles have historically been depicted as bearded men reflecting high honour. Traces of our experiences are embodied in each follicle and can be tested to determine exposure to heavy metals, vitamin deficiencies and who knows what else. Some believe your hair is an extension of your thoughts…

There was an Old Man with a beard

Who said “it is just as I feared!”

“Two Owls and a Hen 

Four Larks and a Wren 

Have all built their nests in my beard!” 

– Edward Lear

Erin Robertson is an Ottawa-based sculptor and painter who explores figurative and environmental themes through the inventive use of a wide variety of materials. Her work is marked by its whimsical and subversive play on everyday idioms, domesticity, urban landscapes and mythology.

Catch Erin drawing in situ on Thursday, October 13 (6–9 pm), Friday, October 14 (1–6 pm), and Saturday, October 15 (12–5 pm).

The Closing Reception of Danny Hussey’s Luxurious Beard and of BLINK’s 2011 exhibition season takes place on Sunday, October 16 from 2–5 pm. All are welcome and admission is free.

Exhibit dates / Artist working in situ

Thursday, October 13, 6–9 pm

Friday, October 14, 1–6 pm

Saturday, October 15, 12–5 pm

Closing reception: Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time: 2 to 5 pm

Location: BLINK Gallery, Major’s Hill Park

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