A Fancy for Pigeons- New Paintings by Tami Galili Ellis June 14-17

artwork Tami Galili-Ellis

Pigeons have always represented to me a kind of domesticated, mundane existence. An animal that has evolved and adapted with the presence of man, found in urban centres throughout the world, they are often considered a nuisance, carrying disease and pestilence, complete with toxic droppings. In that backdrop, for all the disgust they may bring, I find myself curious about their domestic inclusion in our own urban, domesticated lifestyles. There is a clear beauty in them and their ability to adapt and grow within our  cities and urban environments.

Pigeons aside for a moment…

My painting are clearly about interior domestic scenes. I include images built out of common shapes and objects that can represent to anyone a familiarity with the subject. These domestic scenes are expressed with vibrant colours and a freedom of brush stroke to intentionally suggest a serene, domestic setting.

I place the pigeon into these scenes knowing that to many, they may actually go unnoticed or unquestioned at first. Even upon initial cognition, there appearance blends with their surrounding and the juxtaposition of these gentle urban scenes next to coddling, nesting pigeons is accepted. I want them to appear as if they have “slipped” in, trying to go unnoticed.

These new paintings are large, fresh and bright , they are my homely interiors, my fancy for pigeons.”

– Artist’s statement

fancy for pigeons
Tami Galili Ellis
June 14- 17

Thursday June 14.
6-9 pm

Open to the public  http://www.blinkgallery.ca/

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, TAMI GALILI ELLIS is a Canadian artist living and working in Ottawa, Ontario. In 1992, after graduating from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she joined the teaching staff of the Ottawa School of Art where she currently instructs painting classes for the diploma program, as well as a variety of courses for children and teens.

As an active member of the art community, Tami maintains a local studio dubbed The Stables, and is also a member of Blink collective. Known to be a passionate painter, she works with a variety of mediums including oils. She exhibits her work regularly and is the recipient of awards and grants, with the most recent from the Ontario Art Council for the emerging artist, 2010.

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