l’Animal Humain / TRAFIC

TRAFIC is a performance collective that brings together multidisciplinary artists performing within the Ottawa and Gatineau region. The collective was born in 2010, out of the Fait Maison group. Bringing together people of multiple generations and orientations, it focuses on organizing and producing performance art events for both  public and private spaces. With a mandate encouraging reflection, knowledge sharing, and better practices, TRAFIC strives to be a dynamic platform for the presence of performance art within the artistic community. Members of the collective are: Ginette Bernier, Maxime Boisvert-Huneault, Hugo Gaudet-Dion, Véronique Guitard, Hélène Lefebvre, Roy Lu and Mélanie Myers.

To give a sense of what the public will see on July 7-8 at BLINK, the artists propose to perform several pieces incorporating the gallery space as part of the events. One of these is described by Hélène:

I propose an original performance of 15 to 20 minutes’ duration. It is a performance “in the moment”, soliciting the involvement of the public. The work may take shape in the construction of a temporary installation and in the elaboration of a set of related actions. Certain objects, such as: jewellery, toys, food, condiments, liquids, branches, stones… and actions will refer to domesticity, animalism, and the savage state. It is through a quest of belonging and affection, basically of the human relationship that I will try to seduce the spectator. Through an intuitive and creative interaction with the object and the Other, I will establish connections of proximity and I will provoke an intimate human opening. It is necessary for me to question the seduction in its relation to animalism and femininity, all the while dispelling the potentially pathetic nature and breaking down human barriers.

                                              Artists Talks Sunday July 8th:

The artists will speak about their work in terms of performance art and its processes on Sunday afternoon, following the performances on Saturday.

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