A Quality of Attention/ TRAFIC performances

TRAFIC at Blink

Blink blog does not usually provide reviews as there are too many great artists to do justice to. However, this weekend Blink hosted multiple performance artists and it was a first for us that was completely captivating.  I will post another slideshow and add to this entry when all the images have been compiled.

Something about performance art performs dimensions of time and space, and allows for the awareness of the exceptionality of these conditions. L’Animal Humain performance artists compelled a quality of attention seldom felt or given over by an audience outside of this art form; an awareness of temporality, of bodily intimacy, of what is inside and outside ourselves. Seemingly mundane acts became sublime, transformed by both the performers and the audience attention.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

     Roy Lui’s performance exposes the fragility, power and tenacity of sign-making. Some things just won’t go away. In these performances, equations were set up without any right answers. I will get back to this blog post at a later date, when there has been time to collect more images and give more words to the events. All of the six performers and performances merit recognition.

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