Practice Saying Goodbye- Meaghan Haughian gives lessons in preservation Aug 9-12

How do we convey our loss? How do we say goodbye? Meaghan Haughian describes her current installation at Blink:

My work is an act of storytelling that explores the dualities of life. I seek to capture the experiences and emotions that we share collectively as human beings but often experience in isolation. I create scenes and situations of architecturally and emotionally fragmented interiors. Like a diary entry, each piece questions and reflects, recounting the moments that form personal history and identity.

Flowers serve as mementos, helping us celebrate and pay tribute. Gardens offer a space to experience life, loss and regeneration. This photographic-based installation quietly reflects on living, dying and preservation. A contemplation on life – how we contain it and how it contains us. A garden of flowers that never decays.

Meaghan Haughian’s work primarily consists of mixed media drawings on paper, although her undergraduate studies in printmaking and photography retain a strong influence on her practice. Meaghan has exhibited in Ottawa and throughout Canada and has received grants from the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Arts Council. Her work is included in numerous private collections and the following public collections: the Ottawa Art Gallery, the City of Ottawa and the National Art Centre’s French Theatre.

Lessons on preservation

Meaghan Haughian creates an eternal garden at BLINK Gallery

­­Meaghan Haughian

Practice saying goodbye

August 9 – 12

Vernissage Thursday, August 9, 6 – 9 pm

BLINK Gallery

Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12 – 5 pm

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