Private Sea and Social Tea Maps

Mapping psychic and social spaces

Tea, coffee and wine form basis of unique explorations

 Jenny McMaster

Private Sea and Social Tea Maps

August 30 – September 2, 2012

Vernissage Thursday, August 30, 6 – 9 pm

Coffee Ceremony 6:30 – 8 pm: Visitors are invited to participate in the creation of a coffee map. Turning the tea ceremony on its head, the artist will facilitate a coffee ritual with conversation cards, leaky cups and a large round sheet of handmade paper. The resulting “coffee map” will be sewn over the remainder of the exhibition. Decaf will be available.

 BLINK Gallery

Open extended hours for this exhibit

Friday & Saturday 12 – 6 pm

Sunday 12 – 5 pm



Combining the free play of chance and the obsessive repetition of needle work, my work plots both psychic and social spaces. The handmade unpressed paper which forms their base is designed to resemble the animal skins on which medieval sea charts were typically inscribed. Splattered paint or dripped tea becomes the raw material from which territories are charted with a needle and thread.

While some maps exhibited plot private spaces, others chart social interaction over a drink or brew. Playing on the varying traditions and cultural patterns associated with tea, coffee and red wine, they literally map intuitive and unconscious movements during the consumption of a given beverage. Encouraged by decanters and receptacles especially selected for their tendency to drip, the subsequent stains and cup rings become continents and compass roses.

Jenny McMaster’s work combines painting, fibres and stitch work. Her series “Between the Lines” and “Tight Laced” employ the media of handmade paper and encaustics to explore the cultural language and personal traces written on items of clothing. Jenny has recently begun to experiment with the creation of maps through automatist techniques and social encounters. To this end she hosted an interactive performance at Chinatown Remixed. In the upcoming year she will exhibit her work at Blink and Centrepointe Theatre Gallery. Her art was purchased by the City of Ottawa in 2011.

In the past she has exhibited at the Ottawa School of Art Gallery, the OAG, Art Guise, 7A Studio, Hintonburg Arts Park, the Centre Town Art Tour and Phillip Craig Studio in Ottawa. She was a featured artist at the Tree Reading Series. Her interest in fabric, external encasements and feminist concerns lead to a collaborative performance with fellow Stables Studio artist Karina Bergmans in “the Cake Show” at Pukka Gallery. She has also shown her work at the ARTSIDA Auction, VAV Gallery and Gallery Shodan in Montreal as well as Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, Gallery 1313, Engine Gallery and AWOL in Toronto.

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