Fake Tourist Raymond Aubin does Ottawa: a MUST SEE




Must See In Situ

Must See In Situ


Artist’s Statement:

To create this series of photographic triptychs, Raymond Aubin put himself in the role of a fake tourist. He visited the top Ottawa attractions listed in a tourist guide. He obtained three shots in each location: a self-portrait, a standard view, and a portrait of himself taken by a passerby. Fifty years ago, Marshall McLuhan noted that the tourist felt the urge to take his own picture of a landmark in spite of the fact that it was already well-known. One can see this gesture as taking symbolic ownership of a place and bringing the photo back as a proof of connectedness.

Raymond Aubin is an artist in contemporary photography. For several years, he has been interested in the public space and how we relate to it. He sees it as organized chaos where the strange frequently emerges through the familiar. His artistic corpus can be seen on his web site raymondaubin.ca. One can also follow his microblog at auquotidien.ca.


Pour effectuer cette série de triptyques photographiques, Raymond Aubin s’est glissé dans la peau d’un touriste. Il a parcouru les principaux attraits touristiques d’Ottawa décrits dans un guide. Il a réalisé trois photos à chaque endroit : un autoportrait, une image standard du lieu et un portrait de lui-même pris par un passant. Il y a 50 ans, Marshall McLuhan a noté que le touriste se sent obligé de prendre sa propre photo d’un monument même si celui-ci est déjà bien connu. On peut y voir une prise de possession symbolique du lieu et un témoignage d’enracinement.

Raymond Aubin est un artiste en photographie plasticienne. Il s’intéresse depuis plusieurs années aux lieux publics et à la façon dont nous y sommes reliés. Il y voit un désordre organisé où l’étrange déborde fréquemment sur le familier. On peut voir un survol de ses créations artistiques à son site web raymondaubin.ca. On peut aussi suivre son microblogue à auquotidien.ca.


(819) 778 6126


MUST SEE can be seen at Blink Gallery July 6-9

Opening Reception/Vernissage Saturday July 6, 4-6PM

SEE MORE of Raymond Aubin at  raymondaubin.ca

and at exposure gallery  http://www.exposuregallery.info/artists/raymond-aubin/

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One Response to Fake Tourist Raymond Aubin does Ottawa: a MUST SEE

  1. L. Tounie says:

    Just a little heads up for advertising Maman. Just meters from the front entrance of Canada’s National Gallery but neither original OR Canadian.

    I wonder whether the U.S. would have a non U.S artist at the front door of their national gallery? I think not. By all means have Maman in the collection. My beef is its location.


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