Between Shadow and Light: Beth Levin & Jean Jewer

Between Shadow and Light Invitation

Between Shadow and Light Invitation

installation view

installation view


Artists’ Statement:  Light directs our attention to the obvious. Little effort is required to see an object on which the light shines. But, should we shift our awareness to beyond the obvious, to the shadows and the layers of those shadows, what emerge are the nuanced aspects of that object.  And, with the movement of light, we observe that the shadows are in a state of constant change, nothing remains static.

This is where we discover richness and complexity and often difficulties.

Beth Levin was born in Regina, Saskatchewan.  She studied papermaking at The Ottawa School of Art as well as Visual and Creative Arts at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. She has worked and played with paper and other materials for over 40 years.  Her handmade-paper sculptures have appeared in galleries in Canada and the United States and are in collections in North America and Europe.

contact:  Beth Levin installation view

Jean Jewer was born and raised on the island of Newfoundland She moved to Winnipeg in 1986. While there Jean completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba 1990.  She continued her studies at the Ottawa School of Art, and Visual Arts Centre in Montreal.  Jewer currently lives and works in Ottawa.  Her paintings have been selected for many group and solo exhibitions in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and England, including: Karsh Masson Gallery, Ottawa, Ottawa School of Art; Ottawa, ON, Gallery McClure, Montreal, QC; Espace Odyssee, Gatineau, QC; Cumberland Gallery, Ottawa, ON; The Fritz Gallery, Ottawa, On; Durham Arts Centre, Durham U.K; Ottawa Art Gallery.

contact:  Jean Jewer 613 797 0694.

between light & shadow

Vernissage/Reception details

Vernissage/Reception details

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