The Red Head Collective Inside/Outside Re-cap & radio interview

Xiaojing Yan, Traversing, 2012

Xiaojing Yan, Traversing, 2012

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In this exhibition, Inside/ Outside, twelve artists have created work that grapples with the meaning of inner and outer restriction.  The material of a box says much about the entity it was designed to envelope, and by whom — thus, instead of focusing on the content within, these artists have made the boundary itself the subject of their experiment.  Using their own artistic practices as a reference point and the box shape as a point of entry, each member of The Red Head Collective has found a way to address different facets of ‘the box’ and its implications in a 21st century world.

– Donia Almassi, Curator of Inside/Outside

A box is a structure that protects and contains a precious item within, usually of personal significance.  Symbolically, its shape and function is archetypal and has existed in every culture since the dawn of humankind.  When exploring the meanings of a box, seemingly contradictory imagery pops into one’s head:  protection, boundaries, isolation; the intimate, the unknown, the claustrophobic.  Its walls represent boundaries meant to keep the outside out and the inside within, for better or for worse.  Therefore, for a species that is constantly testing personal and public boundaries on a vast scale, this three-dimensional cube becomes a perfect metaphor for understanding the human condition and our personal relationships with the ‘other’ that surrounds us. 

Opening Reception Thursday July 25, 6-9PM

Blink Collective Welcomes the Red Head Collective, as we exchange galleries. Blink exhibits in Toronto December 4-14 2013

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