Jane Burnstein Steals Stories Sept.5-8

Artist’s statement for “Stealing Stories“:  The mixed-media works in “Stealing Stories” are highly narrative in nature using stolen images drawn from a wide range of historical sources.  Beaded Bag #1I have no final interpretation of these tales, but they are clearly stories of tension, ambivalence or unresolved conflict between pain and pleasure, security and fear, sensuality and abstinence.  These pieces flow from the figurative work I have exhibited in Ottawa at La Petite Mort Gallery, SAW Gallery, Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa City Hall, Centrepointe, Cumberland Gallery, Stafford Studios and The Electric Street Studio.

Beaded Bag #3

I began my informal art training at the hands of my mother and three sisters who have collectively been costume designers, jewellery makers, painters, sculptors and art gallery managers.  My formal art education began at The Albright Knox Gallery in Buffalo, N.Y. and continued at The Detroit Institute of Arts.  I received a Bachelor of Fine  Arts (Painting and Art History) at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan in 1972.

All are Welcome to Stealing Stories

All are Welcome to Stealing Stories

Pairing, Parting

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One Response to Jane Burnstein Steals Stories Sept.5-8

  1. Jane’s recent works look fabulous.

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