Table Top Cosmologies Mapped Out Sept. 19-22

Jenny McMaster Cafe

Jenny McMaster Cafe

This exhibition explores the table top as a locus of personal and sociological interaction.  As an artist I create sites for dialogue, posing questions, provoking discussion and mapping the character of these conversations as they unfold.  Spills and cup rings, encouraged by a multiple spouted pitcher and perforated pinch pots, become continents and compass roses on large sheets of handmade paper. Both useful and useless, my implements of hospitality become the tools for surrealist research.

Jenny McMaster Rivers In the Knoll

Jenny McMaster Rivers In the Knoll

The maps displayed in Table Top Cosmologies, are the result of events hosted during a residency at the Banff Centre. The two 60 inch pieces on view contrast the relationships between carousers at an art opening and those between servers and guests at a mock tea party. The white cotton table cloth bears the stains left behind by participants of a game of Taboo, as they were served by hosts, dressed like servers at the Centre’s dinning lounge. The weathered abbica piece maps a lively free flowing conversation over the course of a vernissage in the Philosopher’s Knoll (a small gallery on the Banff campus).  Both embroidery thread and acrylic ink were used to interpret the marks left behind.

This exhibition is concerned with the exchange of words as well as the food and drink which facilitate dialogue. The table cloth and napkins emblazoned with iconic red and white checkers, bear texts which reflect on both dinning events and the politics of cooking and food. The goods consumed at a meal are the end result of a chain of events involving transactions between workers and employers producers and consumers. The embroidered napkins propose toasts inspired by  recent occurrences in the artists life and contemporary sensibilities, the pulp paint napkins bear snippets of Mikhail Bakhtin’s commentary on banquet culture in the late Middle Ages.

During Nuit Blanche visitors will be invited to propose their own toasts or share conversation and tea with the artist in the creation of a new map.

Friday 12-6pm

Saturday 12pm – 1am

(Nuit Blanche and the Blink Night Café 6pm to 1am )

Sunday 12-5pm

Jenny McMaster‘s mixed media art encompasses embroidery on handmade paper and encaustic painting. She has recently become enthralled with cartography, creating Surrealist maps based on drip patterns created by the spilling of beverages on handmade paper. She first exhibited such works at Private Sea and Social Tea Maps. The sociology of urban spaces and ritual patterns associated with social interaction have long been of interest to Jenny. While living in Toronto she curated the outdoor performance and installation exhibition Parkette as well as the group show Metroscapes for Gallery 1313. Coffee House Cartography at China Town Remixed in 2012 Jenny’s first foray into performance art since her collaboration with Karina Bergmans in the Cake Show in 2006, which delved into both sexual politics and modern ritual.

2013 has been an exciting year for Jenny as she has become a member of both Blink Gallery and the Enriched Bread Artist Studios. She also attended the artist residency entitled “Society is a Workshop” at the Banff Centre

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