Plain Chant Big Bang and Blink’s Little Cosmologies

In the shadow of Plain Chant, revisit Kitchi Zibi Omamiwinini Anishinaabe, the statue formerly known as ‘Scout‘, who led the way for Champlain to make his ‘discoveries’ in the dark…

Also take part in our convivial Tabletop Cosmologies and the work of Jenny McMaster.
and Don’t forget!     Stop in at the Blink Night Cafe, a twist on the classic haunt of insomniacs, playing with tropes associated with hospitality, place settings and chance conversations with strangers in the wee hours. As a part of Jenny McMaster’s Table Top Cosmologies and the collaborative efforts of the Blink Collective, Header House in Major’s Hill park, will become a pop-up, open air dining venue with a select menu and a unique ambiance. Hot drinks, jazzy tunes, mid-night chats and art games with artists on swing shifts will provide a respite to Nuit Blanchers. The cafe table tops will become galleries unto themselves, set with an eclectic variety of tea and coffee decanters, lamps, interactive napkins and handmade table cloths. The Blink artists will employ their talents in installation and assemblage, sculpture, performance, paper-making and drawing. 6 pm to 1am at Header House in Major’s Hill Park
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