Apt 613 warm-up interview and review of Blink with Bozica Radjenovic

This just in! Excerpt from  article


“So what makes this gallery any different from what you’d expect to find on Wellington Street? Well, for starters, BLINK asks that its artists utilize both the interior and exterior space “as a laboratory for creative approaches and interventions,” and encourages its members to find opportunities to interact with the public.

“BLINK is a unique space,” says Radjenovic. “During the summer the exhibitions change every week, but only curious souls discover that.”

It seems that collectives such as BLINK are being eclipsed by their already established and successful counterparts, which more often than not display pieces by well-known Canadian artists. Yet is it really fair to assume that these spaces provide an accurate portrait of Canada’s creative current? It would be difficult to convince someone like Radjenovic of this…. “

The season is almost always cold for artists in Canada

winter blink

It’s hard to be an artist anywhere but it’s even harder to be a Canadian artist,” she claims. “Do you know that [the] average visual [artist’s] salary in Canada is $15,779 which is less than minimum wage, a shame for one of [the] G7 countries.”

BLINK allows artists to explore their medium beyond the physical constraints (which can sometimes extend to a work’s content) typically imposed by galleries or museums. This means that, at BLINK, patrons are treated to a different viewing experience, one which continuously provides new exhibitions.




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