First Blink Residency: Cynthia O’Brien & Barbara Cuerden

Coming to Terms      Cynthia O’Brien

The First Blink Residency begins with the interment of flowers within the earth.  This composition of clay flowers by Cynthia O’Brien is a burial of work and emotion, creating compost for new insights to be developed, as the artists confine themselves at Blink.

From Down UnderSunday August 10th (2pm-4pm) Cynthia will be creating the composition and performance, Coming to Terms, and invites the public to join her in the ceremony, with discussion and tea afterwards.

Urban Harvest (as Linked Open Data)      Barbara Cuerden

Walking to Blink after work for two weeks during the residency, and over the month prior to the residency, I am picking up what the urban landscape has seeded onto my path. It’s a gathering of some kind. Perhaps transformed through attention to it, it comes to occupy me.

Alongside indexing and tagging research documents at the IDRC library repository, I index and tag what comes my way, using the Dublin Core metadata schema. Between home, work, studio and Blink, my path is marked by collectible leftovers that communicate something to me.  The entities are lose-able and/or disposable, perhaps having originally been made never-to-be-cared-about. I white-out their previous identities as garbage, with gesso and plaster bandage. I look at what has been overlooked. Can they be identified as part of a “Radically Open Cultural Heritage?”  

urban harvest“In asking after worthwhileness, we are asked to find our measure in such things as awaken our interest”-  D. Jardine (2012, p176)

She began to walk more slowly, looking over the railings  into the ‘gardens’, which consisted of a long strip of dry-looking grass, bordered with flower beds  and paths, shaded by top-heavy trees about to shed their leaves. A woman was walking along one of the paths with a dog on a lead. She wore a grey tweed coat and transparent pink nylon gloves, and carried two books from the public library in a contraption of rubber straps. What is the use of noticing such details? Dulcie asked herself. It isn’t as if I were a novelist or a private detective. Presumably such a faculty might be said to add to one’s enjoyment of life, but so often what one observed was neither amusing nor interesting, but just upsetting.


AUGUST 10th  Sunday 2-4pm  Public Performance  CYNTHIA

Monday – Friday – Closed to the public for the artist to work.  Artist may choose to open and interact with public. Please contact the artists if you would like an appointment.

AUGUST 16th Saturday 12-5  Public Workshop  BARBARA

AUGUST 17th Sunday  12-5pm  (Closing Words)  Open to the public to see the end results of the Artists In Residence.  CYNTHIA & BARBARA

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