New Member Artist: Michael Ashley’s Four Dimensions


“Ambiguity thrills me as I explore the dominance of the visual and the seductiveness of representation.

My interest in a holistic approach and in avoiding being typecast has led me to intermedia. This itself is a practice that occupies an ambiguous conceptual space within the art world and art history. My experience with intermedia has been more in the area of customized computer software, especially the use of the development environments called Pure Data and Processing.

However, I am more and more intrigued by what’s become known as physical computing, which integrates motors and sensors with the software. I look forward to expanding my capabilities into this realm of hardware”.


“The two works in my portfolio that most completely encompass these holistic concerns and interests are Souvenir 2 – Arboretum Memorials  and Dualities . Both are installations, and thus engage the usual three dimensions of the physical world, but they also have duration, thereby engaging the fourth dimension of time. Both also engage sight and hearing while their physical dimensions bring a haptic element to the experience.”

More on Michael Ashley here.


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