Residency Update: Michael Ashley


How do you visualize such an immense catastrophe as the First World War? This is the question I’ve been dwelling on during my residency at Blink Gallery this past week. Please join me on Sunday afternoon, July 19, to see what I’ve developed.

This documentary project was inspired by the centenary of the Great War. Millions around the world were affected by this vast event and my installation uses words, pictures and sound to capture some of the impressions left by those involved. There will also be an opportunity for visitors to add their own impressions to the collection.

The installation includes material considering the big picture of the war, and its impact, as well as material related to the war experience of one Canadian, William George Barker. Pictured above, Barker started his war in the trenches of the Western Front and ended it, badly wounded, as the most decorated aviator in the British Empire. He survived the conflict only to die in a flying accident at Rockcliffe aerodrome.

Although the installation won’t be finalized until Sunday, you are welcome to drop in to visit and preview my work on Friday, July 17, or on Saturday, July 18, between noon and five pm.

Best regards

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