Pulp and Prose: Rob Friday and Jenny McMaster


Pulp and Prose

During their residency at Blink Gallery Rob Friday and Jenny McMaster will investigate the local history and natural environment through the lens of the artist book.

Artist and poet, Rob Friday spent his formative years in a little town, once renowned for its vast quantity of lumber and minerals. His prose and poetry will provide a context for the show as he blends ‘dreamlike’ qualities with the reality of industry and development. The water, the land and the production of pulp will be woven together in passages that convey the true formation of the Ottawa landscape

Mixed Media Artist Jenny McMaster intends to investigate the connective tissues which hold together narrative and verse through the deconstruction of the cohesive package of a book. Pulp, water, thread and print are the essential elements of good binding or book making. All will be fair game for raw materials as well as subject matter.

The artists will be at work at Blink: 

12-5pm, Friday the 7th through Sunday the 9th and Friday the 14th through Sunday the 16th.

Come to a Reading by Rob Friday Sunday the 16th at 3pm

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