Heart Break by Cynthia O’Brien


Sometimes I’m moved to write, so here’s what prompted me

“Heartbreak as evolution of the heart. That’s what I thought after taking in Cynthia’s white clay ‘Heartbreak’ seen here at her studio residency at Blink Gallery (don’t miss it this and next weekend). She worked through some heart ache at her residency in Vallauris, France where this piece was begun. Vallauris is the town where Picasso married his last wife, Jacqueline Roque, when she was 26. She killed herself there at 59. Vallauris is known for it’s potters, and Picasso created numerous sculptures and paintings there. The potters he worked with are uncredited. So, yeah, lots of heartache, bled out white. This is a moving piece”

Blog by Barbara Cuerden

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