Barbara Cuerden Residency: Littoral Sept.14-27

tagged red wash

In 2014, i worked with the river ‘wash’ during my shared residency at Blink Gallery with Cynthia O’Brien. It ended with a ‘white wash” installation of collected garbage that I cast in plaster and cleaned up, as I cleaned up the river bank.  This year when I went down to the river, the garbage seemed even sadder and I thought maybe if I tag it red, it will be “seen”.

It looks rather murderous compared to last years whitewash.  I’ll clean it all up at the end.

white 'wash'

The river location of Blink is really amazing. Together with Karina Kraenzle, my ‘residency mate’, we had the great good fortune to sail for a day with Adam Brown to Aylmer Island in the Ottawa River- a very new perspective, and I felt as happy as a child and so very far from Ottawa (but only 20 minutes drive, and an hour out on the water). Adam collected river garbage for me while conducting other  sailing residencies with artists during the summer. I am including excerpts of garbage into a river ‘log’ book that is beginning to form on site.

river bookplate

I want to thank Adam here for providing energy and a wondrous time on the river as a beautiful foil to my anxieties about garbage and pollution. I’d like to confer rights on the river to run its course naturally, without human interference in its ‘life’ as did the residents of Shapleigh Maine, when Nestle sought to deplete its aquifers.

view of Ottawa from Aylmer Island with Adam Brown

sailing residency with Adam Brown

p.s. I love the words littoral, wash, and  shingle …

Please come and visit Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12-5PM

—  blog post by Barbara Cuerden member-artist

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