Nuit Blanche at Blink: The Untold Story

Header House copy2


Nuit Blanche 2015 at Blink Gallery: Saturday, September 19th from 6pm to 1am

At least once a day someone walks into Blink Gallery and asks, “What did this building use to be?” We’ve heard a few different stories about Header House – It housed ammunition for the cannons positioned on our back patio, it was inhabited by the grounds keeper of Major’s Hill Park and his family or, on a more banal note, it was a storage space for rakes, mowers and hedge clippers.

This Nuit Blanche, the Blink collective would like to trawl the muddy waters of myth, rumour, history and hype. Using resources from the BYTOWN Museum, a desire to recover neglected aspects of local history, and the urge to just plain have fun, we would like resurrect Header House as a historical site. Visitors will be challenged to glean where history leaves off and storytelling begins.

Visitors will be invited to peruse recently unearthed artifacts such drawings and correspondences by prominent historical figures, military memorabilia, spirit photography, unusual tools, and installations of period scenes. They will have the opportunity to read stories of past prime ministers, suffragettes, draft dodgers and eccentric artists. Passers-by will be greeted by animators who will answer questions and give guided tours. History buffs will be welcome to contribute to our historical accounts.

Contemporary historians and social activists often remark that history is shaped by those who record it. “Whose history is it?” they ask. For the night of Nuit Blanche 2015, history will belong to the artists of Blink. While this event will be an occasion to toy with hype, credulity and the persistence of urban legend, we will also take it as an opportunity to recover voices not often heard (with or without available historical accounts). Art, politics and the reclamation of working class stories will feed the reimagining of our small historical site.

Visit us at Header House this Nuit Blanche and discover an untold history.

(Above: Spirit Photograph, recovered by Karina Kraenzle)

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